unique experience

B&B Sul Ponte in Gravina in Puglia is a charming property that is located in a prime location, right on the 18th-century aqueduct-viaduct bridge. The history of this B&B is closely linked to the passion and commitment of the owner family.

between past and present

The history of B&B Sul Ponte began when the family decided to transform a part of their family building into a cozy accommodation facility. With careful renovation and attention to detail, they created a unique environment that combines old-world charm with modern comfort.

in the gastronomic tradition

Parallel to the B&B business, the family also runs the restaurant Osteria la Murgiana. The restaurant offers traditional Apulian cuisine, prepared with fresh, high-quality local ingredients. The cuisine at Osteria la Murgiana is a tribute to the culinary traditions of the region, offering visitors an authentic gastronomic experience.

discover the history of gravina

B&B Sul Ponte has become a landmark for visitors eager to discover the history and beauty of Gravina. The owner family is always ready to share stories and curiosities related to the city, offering tips and advice on how best to explore local attractions.

among history, culture and taste

In conclusion, the B&B Sul Ponte in Gravina in Puglia is a testament to one family's love and dedication to their city and its cultural heritage. Through the B&B and the Osteria la Murgiana restaurant, the family offers a complete experience to visitors, who can immerse themselves in Gravina's history, culture and gastronomy in a warm and welcoming environment.